Tuesday, May 12, 2009


To date, Venus Liew has published more than 40 research papers in various Social Science Impact Factor journals, Scopus journals and other refereed international journals including:
  • Applied Economics (UK)(SSCI),
  • Applied Economics Letters (UK) (SSCI),
  • Applied Financial Economics Letters (UK),
  • Economics Letters (USA)(SSCI),
  • Economic Bulletin (USA)(SCOPUS),
  • Finance Letters (UK),
  • Global Economic Review (UK)(SCOPUS, SSCI-listed)
  • ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance (India) (EBSCOhost),
  • ICFAI Journal of Applied Economics (India) (EBSCOhost),
  • ICFAI Journal of Monetary Economics (India) (EBSCOhost),
  • International Economics and Finance Journal (Australia),
  • Investment Management and Financial Innovations (Ukraine)(EconLit),
  • International Review of Economics (Italy) (SCOPUS),
  • International Research Journal of Finance and Economics (USA) (SCOPUS),
  • Journal of Emerging Market Finance (India)(SSCI),
  • Journal of International Business and Economics (USA),
  • Open Economies Review (the Netherland)(SSCI), and
  • Singapore Economic Review (Singapore)(SSCI).

Venus Liew has also contributed nearly 20 articles to various Malaysia-based refereed academic journals. Besides, his articles also appeared in a UK professional magazine, the Technical Analyst. His on-line articles available at IDEAS (Internet Documents in Economics Access Service, http://ideas.repec.org/) have attracted many interested readers. In the month of May 2009, Liew ranked top 5% among some 20000 registered economists all over the world at IDEAS. As of September 2009, Liew's h-index and g-index are 7 and 11 respectively.