Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Currently, Venus Liew is the English and Malay Editor of the Munich Paper of RePEc Archive (MPRA)(Germany). He is also the Editorial Advisor of International Research Journal of Finance and Economics (USA) and International Journal of Finance and Policy Analyst (India). Formerly, he served as the Managing Editor of the Labuan Bulletin of International Business and Finance (Labuan International Campus, University Malaysia Sabah, September 2005 - November 2008). Liew had co-edited a book entitled "Time Series Econometrics Analysis: Selected Issues in ASEAN Economies (2007, 2nd Edition)”, and proceedings entitled “Proceedings of the International Conference in Economics and Finance (2005)” and "Proceedings of the Applied International Business Conference (2008)". Venus Liew is the author of "Monetary Models of Exchange Rate: Nonlinearity Matters (2008)"