Monday, May 26, 2008

Research Experiences

Venus Liew has been an active researcher since the year 2000. He had been a research assistant in the Faculty of Economics and Management of Universiti Putra Malaysia for more than one year. In the period 2002 - 2003, Venus Liew had assisted his supervisor in conducting a project on “The ASEAN Currencies and the Fundamentals: Evidence Based on Nonlinear Approach”. After that, he had independently completed a fundamental project entitled “On the Adjustment of Exchange Rate towards the Monetary Fundamentals in Malaysia”. Recently, he is working on “Revisiting Purchasing Power Parity for Central Asian Economies", and "Monetary Models of ASEAN-5 Exchange Rates: Long-run Cointegration and Coefficient Restrictions " . Venus Liew is also involved in the Stragegic Manpower Study for Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy project (SMS SCORE) as a researcher.